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Certifying Degree and Education Certificates

Overview and Examples


Simon is often asked to verify the authenticity of a degree certificate. This is commonly required where a person wishes to take on a job overseas and the foreign jurisdiction require evidence that the certificate is validly awarded.

Simon can only validate English and Welsh degree certificates.
The starting point with any application is that the University or educational institution will need to send an email to confirm that the award is genuine. Contacting the University or educational institution early, seeking confirmation that the award is valid, will speed up the process. Note that most Universities make a charge for the service.
Some countries, including the UAE, require the transcript to also be authenticated. It is advisable to check precisely what documentation will need to be produced. 
Any differences in the name appearing on the certificate compared to your identity documents will need to be explained.
Simon will attach his notarial certificate to a photocopy of your degree certificate and transcript if applicable. Your original certificate and transcript will not be defaced.

What can be authenticated?

  • Degree certificates

  • College certificates

  • Professional qualifications 

  • If you have any other type of certificate/qualification that needs to be authenticated for use overseas, Simon will be able to assist. 


Some Universities may take a while to process the verification of your certificate.
Some Universities may not produce their transcripts for some months after you complete your course.
Where Consular Legalisation is required, a fee to the consulate is payable. This can be expensive.

What to bring to the appointment

  1. Your valid passport and a copy of the photo page.

  2. Evidence of your address, preferably your driving licence or utility bill, bank statement etc and a copy.

  3. The original certificate/ qualification In some cases we will have had email correspondence about verification ahead of the meeting. 

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