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Travel Consent

Overview and Examples

In order to counteract child trafficking, airport and travel security has significantly tightened over recent years. A minor child arriving at an international airport with just one parent may well be turned back if travel documents are not in order. It is no excuse to refer to the fact that it was alright last time! 

Travelling to South Africa for example, will always necessitate a signed declaration form completed by the non travelling parent, that they consent to their child's travel. 

It is important to check with your travel agent and/or airline well ahead of your departure date to establish if specific consents are required. Special forms may be required.

Simon will also need to see the child who is to travel, together with their passport when attending with the non travelling parent. The non travelling parent will also need to produce their passport and proof of address. 

Personal travel documents may require:

  • Original birth certificates may need to be attached to the consent. This is especially true when travelling to non Commonwealth countries.

  • Personal attendance of the non travelling parent(s).

  • Travel dates.



If original birth certificates are required then allow extra time for the Government to process the application. Some countries have a specific forms which must be used.  

What to bring to the appointment

  1. Your valid passport and a copy of the photo page.

  2. Evidence of your address, preferably your driving licence or utility bill, bank statement etc and a copy.

  3. The document(s) that needs to be notarised.

  4. Ensure the child(ren) in question attends with their valid passport(s) and a copy of the photo page.

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