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Certifying Personal Documents

Overview and Examples

There are a variety of reasons why you might need your personal documents verifying for use abroad.

Here are a few examples. Don't worry if your circumstances are different, Simon can help:

Since Brexit, seeking to establish a non English heritage requires the production of copy passports, birth, death and marriage certificates to a foreign passport office.

International banks sometimes require evidence of identity to be established and the production of passports and utility bills to meet their requirements is needed. 

Where a relative dies abroad, it is a requirement, especially in Spain, for an original death certificate to be produced. 

In matrimonial cases a production of the marriage certificate is often required where one of the parties now lives abroad. 

When travelling abroad an unaccompanied minor will need consent from the other parent and this will involve certifying original birth certificates.

All of the above will require the intervention of a Notary Public. 

Personal documents can include:

  • Passports

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates

  • Driving licence

  • Address information


Some countries require me to send original documents such as birth, death and marriage certificates. If so they will usually not be returned. Replacement certificates can be obtained from the Government website. Please check with me before ordering a new certificate to check if this is necessary.

What to bring to the appointment

  1. Your valid passport and a copy of the photo page.

  2. Evidence of your address, preferably your driving licence or utility bill, bank statement etc and a copy.

  3. The document that needs to be notarised.

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