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ID1 Forms

Overview and Examples

An ID1 Form is required by the Land Registry to confirm a persons Identity and will be required during property transactions as a means of combatting fraudulent transactions. Typically An ID1 form is needed where the land transaction is being carried out without the intervention of a professional, who will otherwise complete the Identity checks to satisfy the Land Registry.


The process requires a specific form to be downloaded from the Land Registry. Simply click the link below.

ID1 form download


In addition to the form, each person completing the form will need to produce two identical passport size photographs recently taken. Simon will need to compare the new pictures to a piece of your own identity documentation, typically a passport or driving licence. 


Most solicitors practices do not now complete these forms for individuals, but I do offer this service to clients as it compliments my role as a public certifying officer.  



The Forms

It is important to download the forms from the Government site before attending as it is unlikely I will be able to print them off at our meeting.


It is important that you have completed all sections of the first part of the form carefully but do not sign it until we have met. If you are in any doubt then leave the form blank and we can complete them together. 

What to bring to the appointment

  1. Your valid passport and a copy of the photo page.

  2. Evidence of your address, preferably your driving licence or utility bill, bank statement etc and a copy.

  3. The ID 1 Form and any supplementary documents that may be relevant to the land transaction.

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